Day of the Doctor by Steven Moffat [podcast]

In the dying days of The Time War the man who was once known as the Doctor prepares to detonate The Moment, a sentient Gallifreyan weapon that will destroy all Time Lords and Daleks. But the Moment shows him the future if he goes through with the plan…

This week my co-host is Erik Stadnik from the brilliant Doctor Who: The Writer’s Room and The Classic Horror Cast podcasts.

Download this episode (right click and save)

Erik’s Prague blog can be found here and the  Doctor Who Book Club podcast here.

The Daleks and the Dalek Invasion Earth: 2150AD RiffTrax.

Frank Skinner’s interview with Russell T Davies can be heard here.

The competition to win this Twelfth Doctor set of B&M figures is open to contestants worldwide. Listen to the episode to find out how to enter!



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On Audiobook, read by Nicholas Briggs:

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