12th Doctor and 12th Season [podcast]

On this episode Jason McLaughlin (@jangomac72) joins to talk about his adventures at the London Film and Comic Con, and the Blu-ray boxset of season 12.


Download this episode (right click and save)


Jason’s photos from LFCC, as discussed in the podcast, are great:


Emily-Jane (@EmilyWDW)’s photos of Peter Capaldi signing a fan’s Day of the Doctor poster:

This is the photo I was referring to from the Official 50th Anniversary celebration:

Fans Gather To Celebrate 50th Anniversary Of Doctor Who

The other conventions we mention in this episode are:

Vworp in Manchester

Wales Comic Con

Big Finish Day – (sold out)

If you have purchased the Season 12 Blu-ray collection with the faulty discs, you can get replacements by emailing DVDSupport@bbc.com. Include your name and address, along with either proof of purchase or a photo of the box set. The errors relate to the discs containing The Sontaran Experiment and Revenge of the Cybermen.


Order the season 12 blu-ray box set:


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