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The Return of Doctor Mysterio with John Feetenby

The Pilot with Chris Newman

Smile with Keith

Thin Ice with Denise Sutton

Knock Knock with Carey

Oxygen with Keith

Extremis with Erik Stadnik

The Pyramid at the End of the World with Denise Sutton

The Lie of the Land with Jason McLaughlin

Empress of Mars with Denise and Keith

The Eaters of Light with Jason McLaughlin

World Enough and Time with Erik Stadnik

The Doctor Falls with Chris Newman

Five Million and One with Richard Packer

Jodie Whittaker with John Feetenby

Nine Lives with Scott Claringbold

UNIT: Assembled with Keith

The Doctor Who Experience with Jason McLaughlin

Diamond Dogs by Mike Tucker with Jason Miller

The Doctor Who episode Guide Books with Lawrence Sutcliffe

The Shining Man by Cavan Scott with Kate Coleman

The Doctor Who Fan’s Daughter with Simon Ibison