Rose by Russell T Davies [podcast]

Rose ‘s life changes completely one day when a mysterious stranger blows up the shop where she works.


This week Ruth Long (@UndiscoveredAdv) returns to the podcast to discuss Russell T Davies’ novelisation of Rose, the first episode of twenty-first century Doctor Who. You can also find Ruth on Tumblr.

Download this episode (right click and save)

Ruth is show-runner for Clara Oswald: The Untold Adventures. Check out their website here. And you can hear Ruth and her co-writers Caitlin and Kate on this previous T1 podcast.

The reading is by Simon Ibison, from the excellent daddaughterdoctor blog.

Simon is chronicling the experience of watching 2005 with his ten year-old daughter. He appeared on the podcast to discuss the blog last year.

Tom Spilsbury’s interview with Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat about the writing of the Rose and Day of the Doctor books:


Order Rose in paperback:

On Kindle:

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