The Untold Adventures [podcast]

Clara will be challenged in ways she has never experienced, face tests that will push her beyond her known limits. She will have to face difficult questions about who she is, her place in the universe, and what it truly means for her to live the life of a Doctor; to fulfil the promise she made.

The Untold Adventures is a series of stories about Clara Oswald’s exploits following Heaven Sent. Joining me to discuss this exciting new project are Ruth Long (@ClaraOswaldTUA), Caitlin Smith (@CaitySmith1870) and Kate Coleman (@KateCol17)

Download this episode (right click and save)


Check out the Untold Adventures website here for more information and the excellent trailer.

The Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter website Kate talks about can be found here.

Ruth mentions The Legends of Ashildr, which can be ordered below:

…And the DWM comic story with the Clara echo is Blood and Ice. It can be found in the collection Eye of Torment:

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