The Return of Doctor Mysterio [Podcast]

The Doctor and Nardole ally themselves with a New York superhero to face a new alien threat to the Earth. 

Rather than write a blog about this episode, I thought I would dip my toe into the exciting world of podcasting. I started listening to podcasts about four years ago. I love having something to listen to whenever you’ve got ten minutes, and bluetooth in the car radio means I always have an entertaining alternative when Radio 4 are broadcasting Gardener’s Question Time or The Archers.

The Doctor Who podcasts I particularly enjoy are The Writer’s Room, The Complete Menagerie, Pledge Break and The Memory Cheats. My favourite is the much-missed Feexby podcast, so it was to Feexby himself, Mr John Feetenby, that I turned to to be my first co-host. This turned out to be my best decision, as it means there’s actually someone articulate talking about the episode.

You can listen to my podcast here or download it (right click and save)

I’m writing these as I edit so, as well as linking to items we discuss, I’ll record some of my other thoughts.

00.01.00 – You might have noticed that on other podcasts the hosts introduce themselves, but already I’m flying in the face of convention. This is one of the many ways I’m shaking up the comfortable world of podcasting. Just to be clear, in no way did I just forget.

00.03.00 – I’m somewhat taken aback that I sound way more Cumbrian that I thought I was. I was born here, but lived away until I was nine.  Barring university and a year backpacking I’ve lived here ever since.  I always thought I’d not really picked up the accent. Listening back to this, I realise I’ve been deluding myself. This must be how Omega felt when he took his helmet off at the end of The Three Doctors.

00.04.30 – It was the Euros.

00.32.20 – This is the tweet I sent 9th December with my Nardole theory:


I say ‘Sort of’ and ‘um’ a lot. If I do carry on with this I need to try and formulate the whole sentence in my head before I start speaking it. Also, I need to make notes. Listening back makes me remember when I thought of something to say, but then the conversation veered away and I forgot. Also I can’t believe I didn’t make a callback to the earlier conversation about Turning Japanese when the TARDIS actually goes to Japan later in the story.

01.26.55 – The BBC Radio 4 Charlie Brooker series that John mentions here he said afterwards is called So Wrong it’s Right, not So Good it’s Bad. There’s a guide to it here. I keep talking about The Frank Skinner Show podcast, which I’d heartily recommend, and it can be found here.

Finally, the freeze-frame from the series ten trailer I mention is below, so don’t scroll down if you don’t want the mild spoiler…



Keep scrolling…




It’s the Movellans! From Destiny of the Daleks.


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