Supremacy of the Cybermen

The Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors each encounter a civilisation that has been converted into Cybermen. 

Following their 2015 Event series, Four Doctors by Paul Cornell, this year sees Titan Comics embroil the four most recent incarnations in separate adventures across a universe almost entirely under the control of the Cybermen. This epic, timeline-rewriting story has been trailed over the past few weeks in Titan’s other Doctor Who series. This run of exciting vignettes put a Cyber-twist on familiar scenarios with earlier Doctors, while the Fourth Doctor’s encounter appears to be cheekily set during the aborted thirtieth anniversary story, Lost in the Dark Dimension.

Ninth Doctor comic writer Cavan Scott teams with George Mann for this five-issue arc. As with the ongoing Ninth Doctor comic series, we meet him towards the end of his tenure and travelling with both Rose and Jack. It befits a Doctor who never left the immediate vicinity of our own planet that this incarnation deals with the Cyber menace on contemporary Earth, and brings Jackie Tyler into the adventure.

Meanwhile the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors encounter the Sontarans and Silurians, respectively. Both alien races are rediscovered by these modern Doctors in the reboot so are easily associated with them. The Sontarans here are led by an original (non-cloned) Sontaran. It’s an interesting addition to the lore of the warrior race, and one which seems to diverge from Andrew Smith’s The First Sontarans Big Finish story. We are also treated to tantalising glimpses of how the Twentieth Century Doctors are faring against Cyber Supremacy.

The Twelfth Doctor makes his way to Gallifrey, the only incarnation who knows where she is. The events here follow on closely from series nine finale Hell Bent. It’s vaguely reminiscent of The Five Doctors, a story which George Mann’s novel Engines of War would suggest is an influence for him. The current incarnation spends the adventure with his fellow Time Lords, and even seems affected by ‘cosmic angst’ again as his timeline is rewritten by the adventures of his former selves.

The other modern Doctors’ strands all culminate in possible defeats which echo their own eventual final stories. The Ninth Doctor is faced again the impossible choice that still haunts him from the end of the Time War; the Tenth Doctor furiously, and recklessly, takes up arms; while the Eleventh Doctor sends his companion to safety while he stays to try and put things right. With all the incarnations well-served by the story, and faithfully written, this is an epic tale which also makes great use of the Cybermen.

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