Resurrection of the Daleks by Eric Saward [podcast]

The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough find themselves facing the Daleks in twentieth century London after the TARDIS is caught in a time corridor. 


New York’s finest Jason Miller (@drwhonovels) joins Mark (@QuarkMcMalus) to discuss Eric Saward’s long-awaited novelisation of his script for Resurrection of the Daleks.

Download the podcast here.

Check out Jason’s superb blog on the Target novels here.

You can find Paul Scoone’s novelisation of this story on the NZDWFC pages here. And Jason’s review is here.

The guest reading in this episode is provided by Hayden Gribble (@Gribbla12), author of these brilliant books:


Hear the Child out of Time T1 podcast here.

Matthew Sweet interviews author Eric Saward:


Order Resurrection of the Daleks in hardback:

On Kindle:


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