Clara Oswald: Untold Adventures update [podcast]

Clara Oswald. English teacher. Saviour of worlds. Strictly among ourselves, a phenomenal kisser. UNIT strategic advisor. Former part-time nanny. Companion of the Time Lord known as the Doctor. Now – a dead woman. Frozen between one heartbeat and the last, granted a new life and freedom to explore the stars before returning to Gallifrey and her destiny. And that’s where the story ends.… Or is it?

On this podcast Mark (@TrapOne_) is joined by project leads Ruth Long (@UndiscoveredAdv) and Samuel Maleski (@LookingForTelos) for an update on Clara Oswald: The Untold Adventures.

Download the podcast here.


Check out the website for this exciting project here.

The Twelfth Doctor Adventures that Ruth mentions can be found here.


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