Terry Nation’s Dalek Audio Annual [podcast]


At the Trap One headquarter Mark opened a space frequency to space podcaster Denise Sutton (@CupOfTea69), his face grim as the high fidelity magnetic tape started recording….

Download the episode here.


“Just picture Starsky and Hutch, and the mum from the Brady Bunch.” Denise on the best fighting force in the galaxy, the ADF.


Mount Vesuvius erupts in Timechase

Check out Denise’s poetry blog here. The preview of her science fiction story Strangers can be found here.

The ADF kicking ass and taking names on another mission.

The Doomsday Weapon explodes, thanks to the efforts of Space major Joel Shaw and Reb Shavron.


You can read all about UCLAN’s remake of Mission to the Unknown here.

Above: The characters from The Castaway who puts me in mind of the young War Doctor.


Order The Dalek Audio Annual:


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