The Witchfinders [podcast]

The Doctor and her friends arrive in seventeenth century Lancashire during the Pendle witch trials, but there are worse things than witches stirring.

This week my co-host is Kate Coleman (@KateCol17). You can find her on Tumblr as @kate-coleman-writes.

Download the podcast here.

You can download Time Shadows: Second Nature using the link below. It has great short stories from loads of writers and me (Violet Addison & David N. Smith, Simon Blake, Simon Brett, Ian K. Cimm, Kate Coleman, Paul Driscoll, Ian Farrington, David Gibbons, Michael Gilroy-Sinclair, Grace Haddon, Stephen Hatcher, Roger McCoy, Greg Maughan, Stuart Roth, Jenny Shirt, Dale Smith, Paul Sutton, Daniel Tessier, Nick Walters, Joshua Wanisko, Paul Williams, Anthony Wilson and Mark McManus).

We hope you enjoy the book, and please consider making a donation to charity if you do download.

Download: ts2_charity_ebook

You can find The Temporal Logbook II, featuring Kate’s Ninth Doctor story here and details on the upcoming Clara Oswald: The Untold Adventures here.

You can find the podcast on The Shining Man by Cavan Scott which Kate mentions in this episode here.


Order series 11 on DVD:

On Blu-Ray:


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