Doctor Who and the Krikkit Men [podcast]

The Doctor, Romana and K9 must battle unstoppable army of Krikkit Men, before they devastate the entire universe.


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My co-host this week is Jason Miller (@drwhonovels), visit his blog on the Target novels here.

You can hear Jason’s previous Trap One appearances discussing the Twelfth Doctor novels Diamond Dogs and Plague City.

Today’s guest reading is courtesy of Erik Stadnik from Doctor Who: The Writer’s Room and The Classic Horror Cast. He has previously appeared on this podcast for Extremis and World Enough and Time commentaries. I can also highly recommend Erik’s Prague Blog, which chronicles his experiences of living and working in the Czech capital.

I visited Prague with my wife a couple of weeks ago. We had a great time, it’s a very beautiful city. We also met up with Erik, who is charming company. I’m delighted to say he will be joining me again on the podcast soon to discuss Steven Moffat’s novelisation of The Day of the Doctor.

#WhoAgainstGuns is a fantastic project to raise money for campaigns for gun control. A donation gives you access to thirteen episode commentaries, from many excellent podcasters (including Erik), plus Paul Cornell, Andrew Smith, Phillip Hinchcliffe and Steven Moffat. Full details here. You can continue to donate and access these superb podcasts until the end of March.

The David Tennant interview we mention where he discusses the 60th can be found here.


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