Cold Blood [podcast]

Ambrose kills Alaya in cold blood, while Amy and Nasreen negotiate to share the Earth with the homo reptilia. But can the Doctor help broker peace between the two races?

In the second part of the Trap One/Highlanders crossover special, John Feetenby (@Feexby23) and Lawrence Sutcliffe (@Loll73) return to discuss Cold Blood, Chris Chibnall’s third episode of Doctor Who.

Download this episode (right click and save)

Check out the excellent Highlanders Podcast here.


Magnum on Ice is the Murder She Wrote/Magnum P.I. crossover which John mentions. He says it aired 23rd November 1986, Doctor Who‘s 23rd anniversary.

Of course, when we were all groping around trying to think of crossovers, we forgot the greatest example of all time: Dimensions in Time.


Ignore everything I say on the podcast about Project Mohole. Well, not everything. It is the inspiration for Inferno, but it was an American endeavour, not Russian.


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