Ten Christmas Present Ideas for Doctor Who Fans – 2015 Edition


Welcome friend/relation/colleague (maybe even spouse) of a Doctor Who fan. You are in the enviable position of never being at a loose end for something to buy your intended recipient. Here are a few suggestions of some great gifts to fill their hearts with nerdly joy this Christmas:

The Underwater Menace DVD

In 2011 episode 2 of The Underwater Menace was rediscovered, having been lost for decades. For four long years it has languished in the BBC archives, the only existing episode of Doctor Who unavailable to purchase for home viewing. A yawning chasm on the shelf of every fan. Now the Classic DVD range has been briefly resurrected to give a grateful public the chance to own Doctor Who – The Underwater Menace [DVD].


Fun fact: George Lucas drew inspiration for both the water-dwelling Gungans and the title of Star Wars Episode 1 from The Underwater Menace.

The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear commentaries

photo 1.PNGphoto 2.PNG

These two stories were re-discovered back in 2013. Unfortunately the same cad who made off with the third episode of The Web of Fear seems to have gone with the special features and commentary tracks too. The good people at Fantom Films have reunited cast and crew to record their own audio commentaries to accompany the stories. These CDs will make excellent stocking fillers. These are available in November from Fantom Films.

Action Figures

For those of who were Doctor Who fans during the ‘Wilderness Years,’ when the programme was not on the air, we had a surreal couple of years when it was possible to walk into a local supermarket and see action figures of Morbius, Ice Warriors and Zygons on sale. And what detailed, articulated effigies they were. Standing a majestic five inches tall, they ran the gamut of fifty years of adventure.

Then came the Dark Times. 3.75 inches became the standard, creating a schism in collections across the land. A few 5″ figures are still occasionally released, and at the moment a Twelfth Doctor and two versions of Missy are on the market. Available from Character Options.


Big Finish

Big Finish offer a range of full-cast audio Doctor Who stories with the earlier Doctors. It’s a particularly exciting time at the moment as the the company has recently acquired the rights to use monsters from the rebooted series with the classic Doctors. Even better is the news that John Hurt’s War Doctor from The Day of the Doctor is get his own series; and David Tennant and Catherine Tate are to return next year with some new stories. Available from BigFinish.com.

doomcoalition1 sixthdoctorthe_last_adventure_image_large


Doctor Who Weetabix Artwork

Gordon Archer was the artist behind the Weetabix Doctor Who trading cards in the 1970s and 1980s. His son has a website where you can purchase posters, coasters and mugs bearing this nostalgic artwork. Available from yellowplanet.co.uk.


Doctor Who LEGO

Doctor Who and LEGO, together at last. Two big parts of my childhood, and probably for a lot of my age group. It’s a great, creative gift for young kids. It’s also a great gift for adult fans, because it can be difficult to justify buying yourself LEGO when you have no children. Released 1st December, available from The LEGO Shop.


LEGO haven’t contented themselves with making small plastic toys with their new Doctor Who licence. All of the Doctor’s incarnations and various aliens rub shoulders with the Batman, Gandalf et al in this cool looking video game. Available on Xbox (LEGO Dimensions: Starter Pack (Xbox One)) or PS4 (LEGO Dimensions: Starter Pack (PS3)). You can also purchase the LEGO Dimensions, Doctor Who, Level Pack



There is never a shortage of Doctor Who books on the market, but we are especially spoiled at the moment.

You can currently get all six Twelfth Doctor novels from the Book People at the bargain price of £7.99.

BBC Books has released Doctor Who: The Time Lord Letters (Dr Who)Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales and Doctor Who: Impossible Worlds (Dr Who).


From Doctor Who – Impossible Worlds

Away from the BBC’s publishing arm, Candy Jar Books are releasing a series of books chronicling the adventures of Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart following his first encounter with the Doctor in The Web of Fear. They begin in The Forgotten Son, and continue with The Schizoid Earth.


You should also check out the great range of Doctor Who-related tomes by Miwk Publishing.  Phil Sandifer’s TARDIS Eruditorums are also an excellent, and the latest tome, TARDIS Eruditorum – An Unofficial Critical History of Doctor Who Volume 6: Peter Davison and Colin Baker, has just been released.

Smartphone Operated Desktop K9

If you’re looking to spend a bit more, Doctor Who‘s answer to the little remote control BB-8 from Star Wars is the Dr Who Smartphone Operated Desktop K9. It comes with a bluetooth audio speaker, so presumably you can play your Big Finish stories through him.


Doctor Who frocks and swimming costumes

PRI-Cyberman-Swimsuit-2-WEB_1024x1024 IMG_3539 IMG_3540

These cheeky togs for lady fans are available from the Australian outfit Black Milk Clothing.

TARDIS Speaker System

Totally pushing the boat out now, the Doctor Who Tardis Bluetooth Speaker promises “a rich sound from its two tuned speakers and separate bass driver unit.” Great for listening to Big Finish plays and podcasts.


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