The Taking of Chelsea 426 by David Llewelyn 

The Doctor arrives aboard a colony in orbit above Saturn. Chelsea 426 is hosting a flower show to showcase some alien plants recently discovered in the planet’s atmosphere. But the event has attracted some unwelcome visitors.

In fact, as far as the colonists are concerned, none of the visitors are welcome. Chelsea 426 is basically a colony of Daily Mail readers, who have left Earth to set up a backward-looking colony based on early-twentieth century Earth. Their fear and suspicion of ‘Newcomers’ strikes a chord in a country that has recently witnessed UKIP’s election campaign; it resonates even more effectively than on the books’ original release in 2009.
A couple of references to IMC from the Third Doctor story Colony in Space makes the reader question the motives of those colonists too.

The Colony Code, which the Doctor summarises as, “Thou shalt not have fun”, consists of six rules. These include controlling clothing, music and language, designed to keep the next generation of the populace from expressing any individuality. This juxtaposes with the humans’ alien counterparts (clones and a gestalt) when they become one of three factions in the conflict.


Originally published published among the last of the Tenth Doctor novels, during the companionless ‘Year of Specials’ (alongside stablemate Prisoner of the Daleks), The Taking of Chelsea 426 adds new chapter to the little-seen Sontaron-Rutan war, and adds new facets to both races.


Order the book from Amazon:

Doctor Who: The Taking of Chelsea 426

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