10 Christmas Present Ideas for Doctor Who Fans

The idea behind this blog is to suggest some present ideas for the Doctor Who fan in your life beyond what might see on the High Street: Doctor Who – The Complete Series 8 [Blu-ray] [Region Free], Official Doctor Who Square Calendar 2015 (Calendars 2015)The Official Doctor Who Annual 2015 and BBC Books latest coffee table book, Doctor Who: The Secret Lives of Monsters (Dr Who) are a given, but what can you get that for someone that it’s a bit more thoughtful? Maybe you are a fan yourself, and you’d like to leave this page strategically open on your tablet or computer to drop a hint.

Rubbertoe stuff

Rubbetoe make many, many beautiful Doctor Who-related items. Among the more affordable treasures on their website are these coasters and a rack to display your replica sonic screwdriver collection.




Recently added to the range is this stunning replica of the siege-mode TARDIS from the series 8 episode Flatline.


Seasons of War

“Doctor no more.” The Doctor, Night of the Doctor.

Seasons of War is an anthology of stories about the Time War exploits of John Hurt’s War Doctor from The Day of the Doctor. It boasts an amazing array of talented writers such as Andrew Smith, Jenny Colgan, Paul Magrs and Matthew Sweet. All proceeds go to a great cause: Caudwell Children. At the moment a donation via Declan May’s Just Giving page will pre-order the ebook version. A paperback and a deluxe version are due out in early December, and any format would make a great gift and best of all support a fantastic cause.


See here for more details.

Doctor Who Baubles

“They’re like Christmas tree ornaments.” Lily, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe.


Handcrafted glass Christmas tree ornaments are available from Amazon:

Dr Who – Dalek Christmas Ornament and Dr Who – Tardis Christmas Ornament


Doctor Who soundtracks on vinyl

“A record? Good Lord, man. Have you never heard of downloads?” Winston Churchill, The Wedding of River Song.

Is your Doctor Who fan’s favourite Doctor is Patrick Troughton? Then they could be a hipster. If so, they’d probably enjoy some soundtracks on vinyl. The music from A Christmas Carol, Ghost Light and The Caves of Androzani are currently available in this format.

ImageProxy.mvcphoto 2.PNG-2

Available from the Doctor Who soundtrack official online store.


Doctor Who-inspired art

“Well, at least on Gallifrey we can capture a good likeness. Computers can draw.” Romana, City of Death.

These images are printed on antique book pages, and are available from In The Frame’s eBay or Rakuten pages.

photo 4 photo 5

Firebox have a range of stunning art prints available from TV and movies, as part of their When Reality Bites Collection. The range includes these Doctor Who-inspired pictures:

p6159_s14870_column_grid_12 p6892_column_grid_12

How about some Doctor Who-themed Christmas cards? Jo Whitby has seasonal cards based on her web comic FergyWho (featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Peter Capaldi’s real-life former band-mate, Late Show host Craig Ferguson). She has also produced a card featuring all twelve incarnations of the Doctor and a print showing twelve companions.

photo 2.PNG photo 1.PNG


Click here to visit Jo’s website.

The TARDIS Eruditorium

“Books. People never really stop loving books.” The Doctor, Silence in the Library.

Based on Phil Sandifer’s excellent blog, the first five volumes are available as paperbacks or ebooks. These go up to the end of Tom Baker’s tenure so far. The Eruditorum’s goal is to tell the story of Doctor Who as a cultural phenomenon. It is written for an intended audience of people who are familiar with the broad strokes of Doctor Who, but who have not necessarily seen every episode, or indeed any of the classic series.

These are lovely hefty volumes with gorgeous cover artwork and a thumbed-through look as part of the design. I wouldn’t be without these books. 

photo 1photo 2photo-5


Order from Amazon:

TARDIS Eruditorum: An Unofficial Critical History of Doctor Who Volume 5: Tom Baker and the Williams Years

On Kindle:

TARDIS Eruditorum: An Unofficial Critical History of Doctor Who Volume 5: Tom Baker and the Williams Years

5″ Action Figures

“There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t act a little childish sometimes.” The Doctor, Robot.

The 5″ Doctor Who action figure range was unstoppable in its prime; famously releasing two versions of Cassandra from The End of the World (the second one an empty frame after she has been destroyed). Times have changed, however, and Character Options have down-sized their output to 3.75″ figures. The entire world is crying out for a 5″ Twelfth Doctor to join his previous selves on bookshelves all over the land. At the beginning of November we are taunted with a Time of the Doctor box set, which has Capaldi in the Eleventh Doctor’s duds.

photo 2 photo.PNG-6

Available exclusively from Forbidden Planet in the UK and Entertainment Earth in the USA.

Big Finish

“Listen!” The Doctor, Listen.

Anything by Big Finish would make a great present for a Doctor Who fan. If you’ve never heard of them, they make full-cast audio dramas using the cast from the first eight Doctors’ eras.

With the recent Dark Water and Death in Heaven episodes whetting appetites for new stories of the Doctor battling the Master, the upcoming Eighth Doctor boxset Dark Eyes 3 is a timely release; while the Fourth Doctor story The English Way of Death is based on the superlative novel of the same name by The Caretaker writer Gareth Roberts.

photo 1 photo 2-2


If you’re feeling particularly generous, an annual subscription to Big Finish is £140. www.bigfinish.com


Miwk Publishing

“I read a lot.” The Doctor, Image of the Fendahl.

Miwk have a number of new releases to delight fans. Doctor Whoa! is a compilation of the three-frame comic from the pages of Doctor Who MagazineWallowing in our own Weltschmerz and Time & Space & Time: Truthless Bilge About Every Doctor Who Story Ever by Robert Hammond. Their book about the man who created the Cybermen, The Quest for Kit Pedlar, is out in paperback early November.



Symphonic spectacular

“I said to Beethoven, ‘I can rattle off a tune.’ He said, ‘Pardon?” The Doctor, Music of the Spheres.


There are still tickets available for the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular. Experience Murray Gold’s captivating musical score for Doctor Who performed live, accompanied by specially edited big-screen sequences featuring all incarnations of the Doctor, as a host of real-life monsters stalk the auditorium.

UK Tour Dates

Antipodean Tour Dates

The Classic Doctor Who DVD Compendium

“You’ve only got seventeen DVDs?” Larry, Blink.


The release on DVD of the original series of Doctor Who is probably the most comprehensive presentation of a television programme ever produced. Not only are the episodes themselves digitally restored to pristine quality using the best surviving materials and innovative new techniques, but each disc is packed with supplementary features that examine the making, broadcast and legacy of this ground-breaking show. Now every disc, every episode and every extra has been collated and chronicled to guide viewers old and new on their journey through the intriguing history of Doctor Who, all fully indexed for easy reference. If you’re only just learning about the show’s past then this book will guide you through the adventure ahead. If you’re still building your collection it will help you discover further stories you’re sure to enjoy. And if you already have every release, then the CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO DVD COMPENDIUM is your ultimate companion to the complete range.

Order from Amazon:

The Classic Doctor Who DVD Compendium: Every disc – Every episode – Every extra

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