Death’s Deal


The Doctor and Donna visit the planet Death’s Deal when they pick up some distress signals. They meet some thrill-seeking tourists and some inhospitable local lifeforms, but will they ever leave the deadliest world in the galaxy?

Death’s Deal takes full advantage of the audio medium to create a fantastic planet, teeming with deadly alien life. It’s a fast-paced kadventure movie of a story, part King Kong, part Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now. There are some wonderfully gruesome deaths, described in lurid gory detail that could never be shown on TV Doctor Who. The sound design feels quite restrained, compared to what is happening in the story, there could be a lot more squelching and splattering.

Performed by Catherine Tate and Duncan Wisbey, Tate shoulders the narration and the bulk of the characters. Both script and performance nail the Doctor as Donna, and their relationship. The cover accurately represents the expression Tennant would have been using had this story been filmed. That kind of wide-eyed, frown of desperation he adopts when the stakes are high.

Tate shows great vocal range in realising most of the cast, and making them distinct and recognisable. There’s even a space pirate called Grugan, in a nice nod to the Troughton story of the same name.

It will spoil nothing for devotees of the Destiny of the Doctor series to learn that the Doctor here receives a mission from his future (eleventh) incarnation. Here the Eleventh Doctor tells his immediate predecessor, “after me you’re the best.” It’s rather like the David Tennant’s incarnation telling Davison’s “you were my Doctor” (despite his performance being closer to Tom Baker’s). “You, Sir, are so good with dangerous”, the future Doctor tells his counterpart. He also says, “I know you best of all.” So he knows not to expect any noble self-sacrifice from his predecessor then!

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