The Doctor and Ace join the evacuation on an Earth colony before it is consumed by the planet’s sun. But the Doctor has his own reason for being aboard The Obscura.

Shockwave is superbly performed by Ace actress Sophie Aldred, who can recreate her character perfectly, as well portray a recognisable interpretation of McCoy’s Doctor and go on to sound completely different as the character 9J.

Like Remembrance of the Daleks and Silver Nemesis the Doctor has to juggle multiple threats in this story. The eponymous shockwave that could obliterate the ship, her mistrustful crew and a crazy religious cult. Natural or unexplained phenomena being worshipped as supernatural has long featured in Doctor Who, from the Sisterhood of Kara to the Sevateem and more recently in The Rings of Akhaten. Here we see a more modern spin, with extremists who want to bring their misguided message through destruction and death.

The Doctor here is from the later McCoy era; the quiet, brooding figure who speaks in a low, ominous growl that commands attention. He usually enjoys foreknowledge of the situation he arrives into, with a plan already formed. Ace is as resourceful as ever, as on TV very much a ‘modern’ companion and a template for Rose Tyler.

The names of the Tarsus 6 refugees remind of the Earth colonists on Terra Alpha; but instead of just single letter surnames, these are named for a single letter and number, for example 9J and O1. This must cause confusion when playing Battleships.

Another triumphant entry into the Destiny of the Doctors series.


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