Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS


The TARDIS is critically damaged by a the Van Baalen Brothers’ space salvage vessel. The Doctor and his new allies must rescue Clara before the Ship’s engines explode.

Ignore all my previous theories!” The Doctor, Curse of the Black Spot.

After Hide, I speculated that each of the episodes in series 7B had a few call-backs to previous Doctors (Akhaten for Hartnell, Cold War for Troughton and Hide for Pertwee). As such, I expected a few nods to Tom Baker’s era in Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS; but of all the references, there seemed nothing specific to the Fourth Doctor. Other than the voices from the past, and a few props from the past few years.

One of the strangest elements of this story is the sub-plot of young Tricky Van Baalen. His big brothers have turned his amnesia to their advantage by telling him he’s an android. I don’t know where to start with this. It seems like this isn’t something that’s happened recently, so that lad will have had to sleep and eat and poo and wee; all things which might have set alarm bells ringing in a brighter person. Yet they say he’s considered the smart one in the family. It reminds me a lot of Guy Crayford in The Android Invasion. (Spoiler Alert!) The Kraals fool this poor chap into thinking he’s missing an eye, just by putting an eye patch on him. So I suppose if there is a Tom Baker-era pastiche here, this could be it.


The burnt up future versions of the characters reminded me of Danny Boyle’s Sunshine, both in appearance and the way their toasting gave them a distinctly homicidal disposition.


Not the naked Clara most fans would have hoped for.

  • The Doctor’s jokey “there is no countdown” reveal seems remarkably insensitive to a fellow whose brother his future self has just been murdered because of this ruse.
  • The Doctor’s ‘greatest secret’ is just written in a book in his library where anyone could find it. Ambrose from Cold Blood could have wandered into that library and found it! Presumably the Doctor wrote this book, as the sole survivor of the Time War.
  • I’m no fan of the none-it-never-actually-happened ending so beloved of the writers of Star Trek. When a big character moment happens, like the Doctor revealing his encounters with the other Claras, it’s a cheat to then erase them. It’s having your cake and eating it, writing without consequence to the characters.


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3 thoughts on “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

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  2. You’re right, Tricky’s plot is Crayfordtastic 😉

    I was wondering who wrote the book too, hard to imagine the Doctor spending so much time revisiting all that trauma. And visiting a bookbinders afterwards!

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