The Silurian Gift by Mike Tucker

The Doctor’s investigation into a potentially clean, abundant new fuel takes him to the South Pole, where the Silurians have once again awoken.

As is clear from the cover this book features the long-awaited return of the Myrka, the genetically-modified dinosaur from Warriors of the Deep. One can imagine model effects supremo Mike Tucker relishing the challenge of bringing back this much-derided monster in a more convincing manner. Here they are bigger, more numerous and unconstrained by budget.

As a QuickRead, it’s obviously aimed squarely at children in a bid to get them enjoying books. The author writes the Eleventh Doctor well, and the fast pace of the narrative mirrors his TV exploits. The first page includes my favourite ever piece of exposition, which sees poor Bob Clamp pondering aloud.

“The South Pole,” he muttered. “How on earth did I end up in Antarctica?”

Strangely, to begin with, the presence of a character called Matt threw me slightly and had me confusing him with the Doctor. Possibly because of the constant stream of behind-the-scenes material available for Doctor Who means you’re always conscious of the artifice and the acting; because Matt Smith embodies the Doctor in a similar way to Tom Baker; or because the multiple incarnations our hero rely on the actor’s names as easy points of reference.

Despite being a QuickRead, The Silurian Gift does represent important milestone in the Doctor Who canon, as Tucker definitively identifies the decade that the Third Doctor worked for UNIT. Honestly, I don’t know why no-ones thought of doing this before, now everyone can just accept this and move on.


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Doctor Who: The Silurian Gift (Quick Reads 2013)

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