The Nameless City by Michael Scott

A trap is sprung, hurtling the Doctor and Jamie to the legendary alien Nameless City.

We open on Jamie in 1960s London, out on a mission for the Doctor. This is a nice touch, as this was contemporary Earth for the Troughton era. Unfortunately author Michael Scott doesn’t really capture Jamie’s character. After saving a man from mugging, he asks, “will you call the Police?” For me Jamie is less aware of modern society than this, and he’s always rather wary of ‘yon blue guards’. Shortly afterwards he tells the Doctor he’s checked the Financial Times!

The Second Doctor is written rather more faithfully to the television original, and the convention of inventing new aspects of the TARDIS to suit the story is honoured. A new feature to the windows is revealed, but I was less keen on the idea of the talking data bank like Star Trek ‘s computer.

The real selling point of the book is in the villains of the piece. The monstrous residents who dwell in the eponymous Nameless City are beautifully described and truly alien. They belong to the vast pantheon of races from The Dawn of Time, whose stablemates include Fenric, the Racnoss, the Fendahl, Fairies and the Beast.

Fans of the pre-Millenium series will recognise the cameo from a recurring villain, but younger viewers won’t necessarily, as its fairly subtly done. Other elements the faithful might find familiar is the idea of a book guiding the TARDIS and the manner in which the Doctor’s adversaries are dispatched.

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