Much of episode one sees the Doctor, as anxious for answers as the audience by this point. In the Interzone he cleverly traps the Kro’Ka in an attempt to get some answers, which leads him to the eponymous Caerdroia.

Like a foreshadowing of his successors’ Welsh-based series, the Eighth Doctor and his companions arrive in the Welsh-named Caerdroia and meet a jobsworth Welshman in scenes reminiscent of the various Mr Popplewick’s in The Trial of A Time Lord.

We finally feel like we’re getting somewhere in this one, with the battle played out between the Doctor and the Kro’Ka, who appears in the main adventure for the first time. But the Doctor’s problems don’t end there, as he’s been split into three beings, each exhibiting an aspect of his personality. Paul McGann really shines here, effortlessly enabling the listener to differentiate between the different versions. The various strengths of his various personality traits are also explored here, commenting on his different incarnations, as much as facets of the Eighth Doctor’s personality.

Ultimately, for a story that’s important in the ongoing arc, this feels a bit of an inconsequential runaround, with a fairly weak villain in the Kro’ka. stripped of much of his power and revealed as a fearful, unfaithful servant of the Divergence. Surprisingly the Doctor is reunited with his TARDIS at the end of the story, off to travel the new universe in space, if not time.

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