#55 The Twilight Kingdom


The Twilight Kingdom is the finale for the Eighth Doctor’s first season set in the Divergence Universe. It’s a much more traditional story than the preceding Natural History of Fear. Major Koth (Michael Keating) is a revolutionary leader holed up in some caves preparing for a uprising that never comes.

We learn quite quickly that Koth is being controlled by someone or something, so the resolution comes down to the exact nature of what it is, and how our heroes will escape. It’s an enjoyable story, with in particular a sympathetic character, and good performance from, Alan Rothwell as Janto.

Like Scherzo in this run, The Twilight Kingdom features some fairly gory scenes. Although this time it is the villain of the piece consuming cadavers, rather than the Doctor and his companions, it’s still a bit of a departure for Doctor Who, and not something you’d ever see on screen.

This is C’Rizz’s first story since he was introduced in Creed of the Kromon, as he had little more than a cameo in the preceding story. He remains a tantalisingly mysterious character. Without any treatment on his voice, it’s very easy to forget he’s an colour-changing exoskeletal alien on audio. He’s very well-spoken and unfailingly polite. The Kro’ka’s cryptic warnings about his past certainly bode well for something happening eventually.

As well as C’Rizz, there’s the underlying mystery in this series of the New Universe and the Divergence. So far we’ve only learnt that the Doctor and co are trapped on a ‘crucible world’, each section separated by inter-zones controlled by the Kro’ka. The whereabouts, or existence of, the TARDIS remains a mystery, as does the identity of the Kro’ka’s master. Another layer is added to the mystery with the final word of this story. The Kro’ka challenges the Doctor about his motivation for both being in this universe and what he is searching for… “Rassilon!” he hisses before the music crashes in.

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