Jon Pertwee – March 1996

I recently found some photos I took in (I think) March 1996. I went to my first Doctor Who convention, in Glasgow, and I was fortunate enough to meet the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee.

Here he takes to the stage:

A true larger-than life performer, he regaled the audience with well-known Doctor Who anecdotes; although they were new to me at the time!

I ducked out of the convention into the hotel lobby for a minute and was lucky enough to see Jon posing with a Dalek for the local paper:

This is my favourite photo, the moment I met him and got an autograph. I remember he insisted on taking off his reading glasses (“my bins”) before having a picture taken:

Sadly he passed away just a couple of months after this, in May 1996.

2 thoughts on “Jon Pertwee – March 1996

  1. Hi, I was wondering can I ask may I please use your photo at the top of this page of Jon Pertwee for his wikipedia article?


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