The Natural History of Fear


I could remember better than most of these others since I first listened to them circa 2007. Consequently I was listening more keenly this time, knowing what the twist is.

Natural History of Fear is superb. I love dystopian stories, 1984 is one of my all-time favourite books. Light City is another brilliantly-realised dystopia; questions are banned, along with a multitude of words that might invite independent thought. There are shades of the work of Philip K. Dick here too, with routine memory-wiping for the citizens.

On the first listen you are listening for clues that the Doctor & Co are either undercover, unable to communicate openly due to the oppressive state recording everything; or else are brainwashed and for signs that their true personalities will come through. On the second, you’re scanning for any clues or hints of what is really going on.

With big ideas, well put across and a typically strong performance from the cast, this another great Big Finish play. It’s very intelligently written, with incredibly rich dialogue throughout. Again, that could only work on audio, with a last act twist unlike anything that has been done before on Doctor Who.


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