#53 Creed of the Kromon


After the Doctor and Charley’s utterly alien and unnerving experiences in Scherzo, the biggest disappointment here is that Creed of the Kromon could easily have taken place in the ‘real universe’. In Scherzo the Doctor bleakly speculates that they might not be able to breathe, see or survive long in the new universe. Here the Doctor mentions bees to new companion C’Rizz, who in turn knows what they are! Evolution was supposed to have taken a totally different path here, but they immediately know what bees are. It’s only one line, and maybe it will have some significance further down the line, but it seemed fairly throwaway at the time.

The Kromon themselves are handily summed up as giant, talking intelligent termites. This is something we’ve become much more used now we’ve had the Russell T Davies years; he loves nothing more than aliens that are just big humanoid versions of Earth animals.

The script is by Sixth Doctor-era writer Philip Martin, who wrote Vengeance on Varos and the Mindwarp portion of Trial of a Time Lord. This story re-visits some of the same themes; mainly soulless, inhuman corporate greed and the effects this has on individual liberties, and body transformation. Just as Peri was partially changed into a bird-creature in Vengeance on Varos, here Charley starts the process of becoming an insect breeding queen.

It’s not a bad story as such, just rather jarring after Scherzo to find the new universe much like old one. Albeit they travel through Interzones rather than by TARDIS. The one thing I don’t understand is that in the new universe time supposedly does not exist. I don’t remember how this pans out, so there could be an answer, but here the inhabitants of Eutermes don’t understand the Doctor’s references to time, but the events unfold in a linear order. Cause and effect is in place: The Doctor organises a revolution and this allows he and his friends to escape. Its more like they don’t have a word for time than it not existing.

The introduction of the Croker and mentions of a powerful race that were in charge before the Kromon piqué the interest as the story arc gets underway and the search for the TARDIS continues.

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