#52 Scherzo


The Divergent Universe stories get off to a terrific start with this release. Big Finish do stories that could only ever possibly work on audio incredibly well.

This is an extreme example; stripped of the TARDIS and, for most of the time, all their senses except hearing, the Doctor and Charlie have only their minds and each other’s voices.

It doesn’t sound exciting, but it’s gripping listening as the duo find themselves in a genuinely unnerving situation; unsure of whether the new universe can support Time Lord and human life, and using reason and logic to discover what is happening.

They also have to explore their own relationship after the events of Zagreus. Again, re-listening to these audios since the series returned to television shows then in a different light. I have to admit that deep in my dark, cold fan boy heart it’s very satisfying hearing the Doctor reject Charley’s declarations of love out of hand after RTD’s overwrought Rose saga. Although this is all resolved by the end, it’s clearly a Platonic love, as has always made sense for the character.

There’s some slightly gruesome scenes here, but Paul McGann is at his best when dealing with the absurd with a wry comment. His reactions in The Chimes of Midnight to the assertions of impossible suicides epitomise his Doctor for me.

The ending creates more questions than answers, leaving the listener eager for more adventures in the new universe.

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